GSS en 2018

Les sites statiques en 2 mots

Pas de charge inutile sur une BDD (Recherche de failles par des crackers), portabilité des contenus, versionning, export multi-formats, modularité du contenu…

Placement produits inside

Jekyll 35903★

RUBY - Plein de plugins, compilation SASS native, complet et compatible avec la plupart des services d'édition de contenu…

Hugo 30071★

GO - Pas de plugins, très rapide, livereload, moteur de template très puissant…

Eleventy 1027★

JS - Transforme des répertoires en HTML : liquid, Nunjucks, Mustache, EJS, HAML, Pug…

Let's go static !

Plugins Jekyll disponibles sur Github Pages

  # Plugins
  "jekyll-redirect-from"         => "0.12.1", # Seamlessly specify multiple redirections URLs
  "jekyll-sitemap"               => "0.12.0", # Generate a compliant sitemap
  "jekyll-feed"                  => "0.8.0",  # Generate an Atom (RSS-like) feed
  "jekyll-gist"                  => "1.4.0",  # Liquid tag for displaying GitHub Gists
  "jekyll-paginate"              => "1.1.0",  # Default pagination generator for Jekyll.
  "jekyll-coffeescript"          => "1.0.1",  # A CoffeeScript converter for Jekyll
  "jekyll-seo-tag"               => "2.1.0",  # Add metadata tags for search engines and social networks
  "jekyll-github-metadata"       => "2.3.1",  # Propagate the site.github namespace
  "jekyll-avatar"                => "0.4.2",  # A Jekyll plugin for rendering GitHub avatars

  # Plugins to match Markdown
  "jemoji"                       => "0.8.0",  # GitHub-flavored Emoji plugin for Jekyll
  "jekyll-mentions"              => "1.2.0",  # @mention support for your Jekyll site
  "jekyll-relative-links"        => "0.3.0",  # Convert relative links to markdown files to their rendered equivalents
  "jekyll-optional-front-matter" => "0.1.2",  # Make front matter optional for Markdown files
  "jekyll-readme-index"          => "0.0.4",  # Render a project's README as the site's index
  "jekyll-default-layout"        => "0.1.4",  # Silently sets default layouts for pages and posts
  "jekyll-titles-from-headings"  => "0.1.4",  # Pull the page title from the first Markdown heading




Edition online





Prerender App (Application prérendues)

Use “prerendered app” over “static site” because people don’t necessarily know what static means in this case. Static refers to the fact that we don’t access a database when a page is rendered, but to a lot of people it can mean that the site is not interactive, which is incorrect. — Matt Biilmann, JAMstack Conf

Gatsby 27480★

Nuxt 16064★

Gridsome 968★

Headless CMS


Netlify Lambda